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Indiana-based documentary photography for foster and adoptive families

No matter where you are in your adoption journey, we’re certain you have enough to worry about. You need a photographer that will keep things simple. Our goal is to provide a smooth process for getting images of your story on your walls and in your child’s hands. 

Adoption is complicated. Documenting your story doesn’t have to be. 

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Adoption photography focuses on the duality of emotion that comes with the journey:

beauty + pain
grief + joy
happiness + frustration

Our Storytelling Specialties




Focus on what matters.

Once you’re a part of something as big and beautiful as adoption, you notice that some things begin to matter a little less.

Things that matter:


Telling your story, your true story
Simply being together
Documenting the beauty of ordinary moments



Things that don't matter:


Wearing matching clothes
Hunting for complementary colors


Place a piece of your child’s story in their hands.

Every child deserves to have their journey documented.

It’s important to me to provide albums that put these storytelling images into little hands. 

It’s a piece of their story to take with them wherever they may go.  

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Rewrite the script. 

We all have a script in our head that we follow.

These scripts often become filled with self-doubt, questioning, and fear. In our minds we begin to revise the past and question the present from this anxiety-fueled script, magnifying the mistakes that we have made and minimizing the good. 

Having raw + beautiful images of your story helps you rewrite that script in your head. 

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